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In my opinion, "The Ten Commandments" is one of the best Movies ever made. If you have never seen it, you are missing out. Here is a link to The Ten Commandments.


HSC is the Plan that God has given Us as Americans to get Our lives and Families and Nation back to Order. HSC is God, working with Us to Create a Great Future and Life for yourself and to Help Others at their core, to fix the Societal Problems that We Face.

When We do things Right before a Holy God, Than the Promise of God is that He will ‘Heal the Land.’ This Translates to better Health and Happiness for all of us, because God will Heal the Water supply and the Air and Make better food for all of us, since He will be the One to Remove much Toxicity out of our Environment.

Doing things Right before a Holy God is Something The Almighty Creator Respects and He then Moves His Hand to Make things Happen in Our Lives and In our Nation.

I Love America very much, but this means nothing. What is Important is that God Loves America and He has given Us the Necessary Tools to Win in this Life.

Sincerely and With Love,

Your President,

Ray DeFiore

Acting as Interim President of the United States.

Summary of God's Plan.

My Story.

To Persons of Influence and People Under Authority.

What I need you to Do Now.

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