The Way:

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I (Ray DeFiore) am the only man in America that has been Elected by God, the Holy Spirit to be Your President of the United States, but not because I am important, but because You are Important!

Ever since 2012, I have taken very seriously to Listening for and Obeying the Holy Spirit of God, and because of this, God has downloaded a Plan for America called HSC, to begin reversing so much evil and begin healing this Nation and regain its Sovereignty.

In keeping with Listening for and Obeying the Voice of the Holy Spirit of God, and because I have been Trained by the Holy Spirit of God on what the real problems of the United States are, I will be Acting as Interim President, until at least God can start moving to change things in America.

For me to Lead America and yourself in the Right way to go, I need people near the Greensboro/ High Point/ and Burlington, NC areas to contact me at 336-482-7673. From this area, I will be Teaching you HSC and the right way to go; and leading this Nation also in the Right way to go to combat all the Domestic problems we Face, through videos and Social Media.

This will lower crime and stop the violence and many other Societal problems, by teaching You the Greatest Truth in the World. Before you call, have these Two Important Documents printed out.

Thank you,

Sincerely and with Love,

Ray DeFiore

Acting as Interim President of the United States.

A Summary of God's Plan.

Elected March12, 2015 by God the Holy Spirit to be President of the United States.

Why do I need to Know The Way?

Relationships; The Romance of God and Being Happy. (Read this First.)

The Way is a Protocol that is a Modern Day Noah's Ark to Rescue America from the Flood of Evil that is Coming!

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